Davis Falls – Pokhara

Davis Falls, also known as Patale Chhango, is a beautiful waterfall located in the Pokhara Valley of Nepal. The waterfall is located about 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) south of Pokhara and is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike.

One of the best ways to experience Davis Falls is to take a walk along the banks of the Seti Gandaki River, which flows through Pokhara. The walk to the falls takes about 30 minutes and offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and forests.

As you approach the falls, you will hear the sound of the water rushing over the cliffs and into the pool below. The falls are about 80 meters (262 feet) high and offer a breathtaking sight. There are a number of viewing platforms along the banks of the river that offer great views of the falls.

One of the unique aspects of Davis Falls is that it is home to a number of underground tunnels and channels. These tunnels and channels are fed by underground streams and can be seen as you walk along the banks of the river. The sound of the water flowing through the tunnels adds to the beauty and tranquility of the falls.

In terms of accommodation, there are a number of hotels, guesthouses, and homestays located near Davis Falls. Many of these accommodations offer views of the surrounding mountains, making for a truly immersive experience.

Overall, Davis Falls is a must-see destination for tourists visiting Pokhara, Nepal. The falls offer a unique and unforgettable experience, and are a great place to relax and take in the natural beauty of the region. Whether you’re interested in waterfalls, temples, or just soaking up the local culture, Davis Falls has something for everyone.