Historical Treaty Agreements on Nepal-India Relations

There have been several treaty agreements between Nepal and India that have shaped the relationship between the two countries. Here are some of the key ones:

  1. Treaty of Peace and Friendship (1950): This treaty established a framework for the diplomatic and trade relations between Nepal and India. It also provided for the free movement of people between the two countries and granted certain privileges and immunities to diplomats.
  2. Mahakali Treaty (1996): This treaty concerns the development and management of the Mahakali River, which is shared by Nepal and India. It provides for the construction of a hydroelectric power plant and the sharing of the electricity generated.
  3. Trade and Transit Treaty (2006): This treaty updated and replaced the earlier trade treaty between Nepal and India. It provided for the free trade of goods between the two countries and established a transit facility for Nepal to use Indian ports for international trade.
  4. Power Trade Agreement (2014): This agreement allows Nepal to import electricity from India and for the two countries to cooperate in the development of hydropower projects.
  5. Eminent Persons Group Report (2017): This report was prepared by a group of experts from Nepal and India who were tasked with reviewing and making recommendations for the improvement of the bilateral relationship between the two countries. It covers a wide range of issues, including trade, transit, investment, and cultural ties.