Arrival of Mallas in Nepal

It is not clear when or how the Mallas arrived in Nepal. According to legend, the Malla dynasty was founded by King Anshuvarma, who is said to have defeated the Licchavi dynasty and established his rule over the region. However, there is no historical evidence to confirm this legend.

The Mallas are believed to have been a Hindu warrior caste that emerged in Nepal during the medieval period. They are known for their military prowess and their patronage of the arts and culture, and their reign is considered a golden age in Nepali history.

During the Malla period, Nepal experienced a flourishing of literature, architecture, and sculpture. The Malla kings were great patrons of the arts and supported the development of a rich cultural tradition. They also established diplomatic and trade ties with other countries, including Tibet and China.

It is not known exactly when the Mallas arrived in Nepal or how they came to power. However, their legacy can still be seen in the cultural and architectural treasures that they left behind and in the traditions and customs that they passed down to future generations.